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Yang Style 88 posture two-person set.

New course starting Thursday 29th May 2008. Main Hall, Derinton Road Community Centre, Derinton Road SW17. 8.30-10.00pm.

John Kells (Mark's teacher) learnt this privately from Chu Gin Soon in the 1970's. This will be an ongoing course lasting at least 2-3 years, not a weekend workshop! If you miss the beginning, book some private tuition from one of the instructors to catch up.

The emphasis of the course will be on listening and neutralising skills, martial applications and Spirit. Over time we shall examine this set in considerable detail. Students must have some experience of stepping partnerwork (Ta Lu and/or Wa Bu).

The Dance is performed by two people and consists of two different forms that interweave harmoniously with each other. The principles behind many different martial applications are examined, as well as various permutations of receiving and issuing energy.

At first, both forms are learnt and practised solo with each posture reaching completion. However, when the two forms are combined and practised with a partner, none of the postures reach completion as the energy of each is neutralised and then returned.

Initially the Dance is practised slowly with only a small amount of intention directed towards the partner. Care must be taken as many of the strikes, kicks, blows and splits are directed to vulnerable and vital points in the body. Gradually, over time, the intent builds until both practitioners are expressing their full intention. When practised by experienced students the Dance becomes a highly charged, fluid and spirited interaction with both practitioners working at forgetting self, joining and blending with the other.

Download video of the Dance:

This footage shows the Dance performed with 'gentle' intent.
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