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Stage one of 'The T'ai Chi Centre' syllabus is Professor Cheng Man-ch'ing's Yang style Short Form. This form is simplified T'ai Chi, yet it contains all of the basic principles of T'ai Chi and is regarded as the foundation for further studies - it takes just ten minutes to practise and is ideal for beginners and busy people.

The form is learnt gradually, posture by posture.  By working from the mind through natural movements of the body we learn to appreciate the importance of posture, to understand relaxation, to interpret energy and to apply this knowledge to our everyday lives. The short form is taught in nine six-week terms.

Cheng Man Ching - Single Whip Professor Cheng Man-ch'ing


Posture list
Download Short Form posture guide (PDF)

Dr Chi Chiang Tao demonstrates the Simplified Yang style Short Form, Taipei, July 1976. The form in this clip was demonstrated at a speed faster than usual in order to economise on Super 8 film. 3min 13sec. Quicktime 7 required.
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Dr Chi Chiang Tao

Dr Chi Chiang Tao

Form Information

In Dr Chi's version of the Simplified Yang Style Short Form the postures 'Turn and Kick with Heel (L)' and 'Brush Left Knee and Push' have been substituted with 'Brush Left Knee and Push', 'Needles at Sea Bottom', 'Iron Fan Penetrates Back', 'Turn Body, Chop and Push', 'Step Forward, Deflect Downwards, Intercept and Punch' and 'Kick with Heel (R)'